More Superchargers for Hope, BC

Heading back to Hope, BC after a shopping trip to Chilliwack and realizing we needed to charge our model S75D batteries, we selected the Hope Supercharger on the touch screen. Interesting, usually the pop-up tells us how many Superchargers are available at this time, but today, there was no message. I thought, wow, the Superchargers were all in use. However we drove to the Superchargers anyway and to our surprise it was fenced off and there was construction going on inside the fenced area.

Approaching one of the white hat workers, we asked “are the chargers shut down?”. He said you can still drive around the parking lot to get to a charger and he would turn on the breaker for us. How cool is that! So we topped up to our normal level while we visited the Blue Moose in Hope for a frapachino. Hot today! Over 30o Celcius.

August 22, 2017
Now that the work is complete, Hope BC has 10 Superchargers instead of 6! That is a real treat … thank you Tesla!